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Why get rid of Google in your life ?

It's no secret that, despite all that Internet comfort that we came to love, Google does not live up to its "Don't be evil" moto. Simply put, myself and many others find it too hungry for personal information to be honest in the first place, and second, they don't even disclose what they do exactly with those mountains of info we seem to be so eager to deliver for free.

We got so used to Google's emergence back in 2000 that we almost forgot how things were done before them. True is back then we were in the middle of the so-called "Internet bubble" that burst years ago, and along with it, many search engines. With passing years, search engine became a secondary product at big G, and new ones have emerged, all focused around gathering personal, sometimes intimate, information about ourselves. Away from keyboard (AFK), we would find giving so much info to a single company foolish, all the way to downright crazy. Yet in front of our screens, we seem to lose most of our inhibition and dare I say, common sense.

If you read this and are less than 25 years of age, chances are you grew up with a connected computer at home, and probably started using Google from an early age, perhaps following the lead of your parents and peers. I did not, and got my very first one aged 15, when I didn't even knew what a diskette was, and got the chance to receive good parenting when it comes to privacy.

Would you entrust a stranger wielding goodies (or candies) with your passport, wallet, address and the key to your snail mail box? Let's do no mistake here, getting rid of Google's product is no easy feat when you grew accustomed to their ease of use. In this series of posts, I will try to present you with privacy and standards-minded alternatives to their most common services in following posts.